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Stupid Things

Sometimes I get angry about stupid things. Not the usual stuff writers get angry about. You know, “your” instead of “you’re”, adverbs, Oxford commas, (<- there’s one!) and all the other inconsequential nonsense that passes for provocative on Twitter these days. No, these are passing clouds on an otherwise glorious day. I’m talking about STUPID… Continue reading Stupid Things

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Writing, Creativity and Pain

Pain Isn't IN The Process....Pain IS The Process Sometimes life is just a minefield. If there is a mastermind behind the cosmos, they have not only superlative time-management and plate-juggling skills, but a wicked and nasty sense of humour. I'm not remotely surprised when I read accounts from antiquity about the belief systems of the… Continue reading Writing, Creativity and Pain

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Voyager – an odyssey in the making!

Voyager, my second novel, was an anomaly, much like the central premise of its story. I’d just written Irex, an intense, brooding and claustrophobic historical mystery; I expected to continue in a similar vein. Instead, I had a very vivid dream in the summer of 2016 in which I saw the central motif of Voyager’s… Continue reading Voyager – an odyssey in the making!

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The Indie Wasteland – A Post-Apocalyptic Trap for the Unwary

Storytelling is the creative skill du jour. It's an increasingly common way for ordinary people to express their imagination to the world at large. The rise of self-publishing and its tyrannical champion, Amazon, has given an unprecedented platform to those who want to express themselves through writing. Having cut their literary teeth on the digital… Continue reading The Indie Wasteland – A Post-Apocalyptic Trap for the Unwary