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The Indie Wasteland – A Post-Apocalyptic Trap for the Unwary

Storytelling is the creative skill du jour. It's an increasingly common way for ordinary people to express their imagination to the world at large. The rise of self-publishing and its tyrannical champion, Amazon, has given an unprecedented platform to those who want to express themselves through writing. Having cut their literary teeth on the digital… Continue reading The Indie Wasteland – A Post-Apocalyptic Trap for the Unwary

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Incendiary by Carl Rackman ~ A suspenseful #thriller #BookReview

A very welcome and excellent review of incendiary from Cathy at Between The Lines book blog.

Author: Carl Rackman

Independently Published: September 2018

Category: Espionage, Mythological, Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller, Book Review

‘She’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. She is beautiful – a perfect fusion of physical and mental supremacy. And she hasn’t been free for forty years. Who knows what she’ll do?’ 

Cambodia, 1970. A US Army platoon sweeps through thick jungle searching for hidden North Vietnamese supplies. What they find instead is a terrifying creature from the darkest pages of ancient mythology. 

It’s nearly fifty years since a platoon of soldiers in the Cambodian jungle stumbled upon a horrific scene they couldn’t begin to process. Multiple gruesome deaths…a fantasy creature spouting flames….civilians seemingly worshiping the apparition.

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