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Voyager – an odyssey in the making!

Voyager, my second novel, was an anomaly, much like the central premise of its story. I’d just written Irex, an intense, brooding and claustrophobic historical mystery; I expected to continue in a similar vein. Instead, I had a very vivid dream in the summer of 2016 in which I saw the central motif of Voyager’s… Continue reading Voyager – an odyssey in the making!

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Incendiary has landed!

Incendiary is now available on all e-book platforms and Amazon paperback. Incendiary is a chilling suspense thriller that begins with the escape of a mysterious creature codenamed Horla from top-secret captivity. But it is the tensions and pressures on the human characters that really sets the suspenseful tone. Dr Mel Villiers is a thirty-ish bioscientist… Continue reading Incendiary has landed!