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Incendiary has landed!

incendiary website cover

Incendiary is now available on all e-book platforms and Amazon paperback.

Incendiary is a chilling suspense thriller that begins with the escape of a mysterious creature codenamed Horla from top-secret captivity. But it is the tensions and pressures on the human characters that really sets the suspenseful tone.

Dr Mel Villiers is a thirty-ish bioscientist working at the UK’s top secret Porton Down research laboratory. She carries some deep emotional scars from her previous secret work at the American Plum Island Research Center.

Mel’s boyfriend Captain Steve Warren is the military liaison officer with Project Horla. They’ve not been together for very long, and Mel is not used to being romantically involved after years of commitment to her career.

When contact is lost with Horla’s transport ship, Steve is the first to encounter their animal adversary during a hair-raising search of the deserted ship.

He discovers a survivor, the evasive Dr Isabelle March. She is Project Horla’s director and was Mel’s unforgiving mentor in her early career. Mel dreads meeting her again.

When Horla breaks free of captivity, Mel, Steve and March find themselves embroiled in the government’s secret cover-up operation led by the smooth but shifty spy Rafferty. They embark on a search mission to capture their elusive quarry, only to find themselves thrust into a covert confrontation between superpowers which threatens not just the balance of power between nations, but humanity’s claim to evolutionary supremacy on Earth.

Incendiary is a pulse-pounding and tense thriller that will keep you guessing right until the last page. It will appeal to fans of Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler as well as anyone who likes to be gripped by a satisfying thriller!

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