Rackman's Ramblings

Let’s try this author thing again.

I’ve had a shaky past year. Carl Rackman, Author, almost disappeared for good following a slew of setbacks. First, my website and blog were wiped out by a massive data loss. Within days, I lost my regular writing gig working for an online aviation recruitment feature site. And finally, I made a financial decision that had been hanging over me for some time which resulted in better long-term security but resulted in a cashflow crisis.

To top it all off, the combination of pressures this wrought resulted in a very half-hearted launch of my new book, Jonah. It was my best book so far but received a very lacklustre response as I just didn’t put enough time and effort into marketing. It remains my least-performing book even though it has been my strongest writing effort so far.

The author Carl Rackman vents his frustration. Don’t try this at home.

But successful people never give up, so Twitter tells me (of course, loads of wildly unsuccessful people never give up either, but that doesn’t sell motivational e-books) and I picked myself off the floor and began to write the gripping tale that would become my latest release, Incendiary.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no use being a damn fool about it. – W.C. Fields

So Incendiary is on the eve of release worldwide, and is the first book I’ve released as a non-full-time writer. I hope it is the beginning of a new era and chapter in my writing career.

Time will tell.

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